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Sverre Leonhard Nielsen 

Norwegian Psychological Association

Short bio:

  • Educated/trained as psychologist from the University of Bergen.  
  • Practice in clinical psychology within the field of addiction. 
  • Manager of the first Norwegian Government campaign against drugs. 
  • From 1983 full time employed in the Norwegian sych. Ass. (NPA) as president (8 years), secretary general (10 years) and senior adviser.  
  • Has had a number of positions in national and international associations. 
  • Fellow of ASPPB and IAAP. 
  • Recipient of the IAAP Distinguished Professional Contribution Award 2018.  
  • Co-chaired the 5th International Congress on Licensure, Certification and Credentialing, Stockholm, July 2013, a conference with participation by invitation only, which was the start of the “International Project on Competence in Psychology – IPCP”, with approval from IAAP and IUPsyS of the “International Declaration on Core Competences in Professional Psychology”. 
  • Chair of the IPCP Work Group. 

Competence as a Common Language for Professional Identity and International Recognition


The present status of the “International Declaration on Core Competences in Professional Psychology” and the need of further development will be presented and discussed. Pre and cons of various models for the development, will be presented.

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