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Inviting Message from the ICP 2024 President

Stanislav Štech

Ladies and gentlemen,

distinguished colleagues:

It is a pleasure for me to invite you to the 33rd International Congress of Psychology (ICP) that will take place in the beautiful city of Prague from July 21 to 26, 2024. Many of us were looking forward to the ICP in Prague in 2020. The covid pandemic forced us then to delay and switch to a completely virtual setting. The ICP2020+ congress was still a success thanks to the flexibility and ingenuity of the Organizing Committee and great support by the IUPsyS. Dedicated members of our Scientific Committee brought together almost 4000 active participants and first-class scholars. We were proud that even under the most difficult circumstances, the Congress was a success.

The same Prague organizing team now has the opportunity to finally welcome you all in person and facilitate the face-to-face meetings of top scholars, researchers, and curious students. A lot has been written about the beauty of Prague. Moreover, its location between Leipzig and Vienna is a reminder that here we touch the historical roots of psychology. The heritage will be meeting with the newest achievements.

It is both an honor and an unusual opportunity for me to once again invite you to come to the stage of global psychology and be a part of the upcoming scientific feast. Please, follow the upcoming congress news at our website for any updates.

We look forward to having you in Prague in July 2024 for the psychology experience of a lifetime!

With my warm regards

Stanislav Štech

Inviting Message from the IUPsyS President

Inviting Message from the ICP 2024 Scientific Committee Chairs

Dear colleagues:

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the next ICP 2024 congress which will take place in Prague July 21-26, 2024. Prague was supposed to host the ICP congress in 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICP 2020 congress was moved to the online sphere. We were then delighted that Prague has been chosen again as a host for 2024. 

Prague has always been the center of commerce, culture, and knowledge. The earliest known foreign visitor to Prague, Ibrahim ibn Jakub from al-Andalus in 965 noted: “Prague is built from stone and lime and is the largest city of commerce”. Further on, Prague has always been a city which inspired: Frank Kafka wrote his novels here and Wolfgang A. Mozart appreciated: “Prague people understand me.” 

The motto of ICP 2024 is “Psychology for Future: Together in Hope”. Psychologists currently face many challenges, both as professionals and citizens. It is the togetherness, combined knowledge and shared experience that makes us all stronger and able to help others. 

Therefore, we would like to invite you to Prague for the upcoming ICP 2024 congress. Let us come together again after the long covid break, share our experience of overcoming crises, and jointly strengthen the grounds for hope.

Martina Klicperová – Scientific Committee Chair
Veronika Polišenská –  Scientific Committee Vice-Chair

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