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Silvia Helena Koller 

North West University, Vanderbijlpark, South Africa & UFRGS, Brazil 

Short bio:

Silvia Koller is a Brazilian Developmental Psychologist, Full Retired Professor and Chair of the Center for Psychological Studies of At-Risk Populations at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil. She was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Visiting Scientist at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She is also an Extraordinary Professor at North West University in 
South Africa and Honorary Professor at the Universidad de Chiclayo and Universidad Autónoma del Peru. She has strong interest in and commitment to the internationalization of knowledge in developmental psychology, which has led her to disseminate research in several scientific associations around the world, as well as publish her research in quality journals. She also has experience in various international associations (SRCD, SRA, ISSBD, APS, IAAP, and others). She has lectured at various universities in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, Switzerland, Zambia, USA, and elsewhere. During her years as a PhD and master’s advisor, she mentored a growing cadre of faculty members, who are now rising stars within African, Brazilian, Colombian, Portuguese, German, and US psychology. She set the highest standards for her students and provided them with the supportive environment they needed to meet or exceed her and their own expectations. 

Bioecological Engagement Method: A Tribute to Urie Bronfenbrenner 

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