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Jacobus Gideon Maree

professor in the Department of Educational, University of Pretoria

Short bio:

Jacobus Gideon Maree is an educational psychologist and a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Pretoria. He holds three doctoral degrees and has received multiple awards and has a B1 rating from the National Research Foundation. A fellow of PsySSA and the IAAP and a member of the Board of Directors of the IAAP (Division 16), he is the sole African representative on the UNESCO Chair on Lifelong Guidance and Counseling and the UNESCO University Network and Twinning Chair. He read keynote papers at multiple international conferences and accepted honorary scholarly appointments as a research fellow, professor extraordinaire, adjunct professor, and visiting professor at several universities worldwide. 

Renewing Hope and Purpose in the Anthropocene era: Advocating a contemporary, post modernized approach to career counselling in the Counsellocene era

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