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Conflict and War: The Role of Psychology in Prevention, Mitigation, and Humanitarian Action


  • Germán Gutiérrez, IUPsyS
  • Lori Foster, IAAP


  • Vivi Stavrou, International Science Council
  • Christoph Steinebach, EFPA
  • Garth Stevens, PsySSA


This panel explores the complex relationship between conflict, war, and psychology. The panellists examine the underlying psychological factors contributing to conflict escalation and discuss strategies for preventing, de-escalating, and alleviating conflict. They also discuss the role of psychology in humanitarian actions within the context of human conflict and war. The panellists highlight the importance of empathy-building, negotiation strategies, and conflict-resolution mechanisms in mitigating the risk of violence and fostering cooperation. They also deliberate on the potential roles of psychology organisations in facilitating peacebuilding efforts, providing psychological support to affected populations, and promoting dialogue and understanding across conflicting groups. The panellists share insights into the evolving landscape of psychological interventions and emphasize the need for interdisciplinary collaboration and the use of psychological principles of conflict resolution, reconciliation, and intergroup relations. Join this panel to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of conflict and war and discover the contributions of psychological science toward peace, cooperation, and humanitarian action.

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