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Sonia Suchday

Pace University, Department of Psychology

Short bio:

Dr. Sonia Suchday is a Clinical Health Psychologist, currently Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at Pace University and Interim University Director of Research. Dr. Suchday is also a member of the Pace University Board of Trustees.  Dr. Suchday is the former chair of the US National Committee on Psychological Sciences at the National Academy of Sciences and is a representative of the International Union of Psychological Sciences to the United Nations. As the former founding Co-Director of the Institute of Public Health Sciences at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Suchday has extensive experience in building international educational and research programs and international partnerships. She has organized prestigious conferences including one on diversity and disparity and Israel-USA-India partnership. Dr. Suchday’s research spans diverse, interdisciplinary topics such as the effects of anger and hostility on health, acculturation among Chinese immigrants, and the effects of globalization in emergent markets such as India. Her recent work includes the effects of spirituality on health and wellbeing. She has an extensive list of publications and presentations at local, national, and international conferences. A first-generation immigrant from Mumbai, India to the US she is a dedicated leader, educator, program builder, and researcher. She is also the founder/director of Ashram On Park, a Workplace Wellness Consulting firm which she co-founded with 3 colleagues.

Biopsychosocial and Spiritual Perspectives on Health in a Globalized World


Globalization refers to the progressive interaction and integration of products, processes, and people. Although much has been written about globalization in economic terms, less has been written about the globalization of people and their worlds including society, culture, and spirituality. The presentation will cover biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of globalization. Specifically, interactions between societies through the process of globalization and their manifestations in the everyday lives of people. As societies and cultures interact through the internet highway, there is an exchange of ideas, beliefs, as well as more manifest elements of culture such as appearance. Religion and spirituality are ubiquitous coping strategies utilized all over the world. Until the last 20 years, Psychology has been less integrative of this universal coping strategy. The talk will explore the influence of globalization on biological health, psychological ways of viewing the world – both internal and external, and the way social lives and relationships change as a function of globalization. Additionally, the talk will also touch upon how spirituality travels with globalization, its meaning, and manifestations.

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