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Science & Global Sustainability: Reflections on Past, Present, and a Future of Hope


  • Germán Gutiérrez, IUPsyS President


This panel explores the intricate relationship between science and global sustainability. Science leaders will examine how scientific advancements have influenced sustainability efforts throughout history to identify actionable strategies for a sustainable future. The discussion will analyse current challenges and opportunities to provide valuable insights into how scientific knowledge can be leveraged to address pressing environmental, social, and economic issues. The panelists will also discuss how scientific organisations collaborate with governments, intergovernmental organisations, and NGOs to address sustainability issues and drive meaningful change on a global scale. The discussion will explore the implications for psychological science and its role in advancing global sustainability. This dynamic dialogue promises to inspire innovative approaches to global sustainability, envision future pathways for collaborative action, and catalyze collective action toward a more sustainable and equitable world.

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