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Anushka Patel

Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Short bio:

Dr. Anushka R. Patel is a trauma-focused clinical psychologist. She is based at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health, where she is completing her postdoctoral research training in global mental health with Dr. Vikram Patel. Anushka specializes in assessing and treating trauma reactions with a cultural lens in low-resource settings. Her original research concentrates the impact of gender-based violence. She also examines scalable ways to democratize access to quality trauma-informed care. Anushka is leveraging strengths in low-resource communities, such as high cellphone connectivity, to improve access to care and using briefer treatment designs (e.g., single-session interventions) to improve adoption of care at scale. Anushka has published 25 peer-reviewed articles, and her research has been cited in Al Jazeera and the New York Times.

Trauma treatments delivered by non-specialists: A systematic review and meta-analysis over 24 years



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