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MOZART’S TRACK (walk tour)

Price: 300,- CZK (no entrances included) 

Date: 23.7.2024  9:30

Let’s get to know the places associated with the genius composer. We will talk not only about his rich life, but also about the places that are connected with him. We will pass by the Estate  theatre where he premiered the famous opera Don Giovanni. We will walk through the medieval Celetna Street, where bakers’ shops were located and the composer was accommodated. Our walk will end up at the Old Town Square, which is known not only for its rare clockwork, the Orloj. 
Where was it possible to eat cheaply and how was hygiene then? 
Do you know that there is a house in Prague that once earned a golden ducat per hour?  
Why did Mozart argue with his librettist?  
Where is the gothic gargoyle in the shape of a boy and what legend is attached to it?  
What could be bought at the Coal Market?  
This all and much more you will learn on this walk 🙂 

Important: Unfortunately this event has no access for disabled people.

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