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In the footsteps of Czech kings and rulers (walk tour)

Price 800,- CZK (Guide + admission included) 

Date 23.7.2024   16:00 

We will visit the Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world. The tour will include the visit of the cathedral of Saint Vitus, the Old royal palace, the Basilica of Saint George and the charming Golden Lane. 

What will you learn on this tour.  

Who were the first rulers of the country?  

It’s really Prague Castle the largest castle complex in the world? 

Who killed the Saint Wenceslas? 

Where did the art collections of the Emperor Rudolph II. end up? 

How long did it take to build the cathedral?  

Did the Alchemists really live in the Golden lane? 

What a terrible death Saint Ludmila died? 

Where can you find the Golden gate in the Prague Castle? 

Which hall was used for the knights tournaments?

Important: Unfortunately this event has no access for disabled people.

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