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Concentration Camp Tour to Terezín

  • Duration: 5.5 hours
  • Price per Person: 1490 Kč
  • Price Includes: Transportation, guide, admission fee
  • Minimum Participants: 15
  • Maximum Participants: Unlimited
  • Online Sales Close: July 8, 2024

Join our tour to the Terezín Concentration Camp from Prague. Terezín is infamously known as the largest concentration camp in the Czech lands during World War II. Today, the town stands as a monument to the tragic fates of its inhabitants.

Originally constructed in the 18th century as a strategic fortress to defend against Prussian armies, Terezín’s history took a darker turn during World War II. The Nazis established a police prison in the Small Fortress, while the town itself was transformed into a Jewish ghetto.

Travel to Terezín in our air-conditioned bus and explore its fortress. Our guide will lead you through the wartime history of Europe, providing insights into life in the largest Czech concentration camp. A visit to Terezín is not only historically significant but also deepens the understanding of Europe’s wartime history.

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