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Building Successful National Psychology Organisations for the Future


National psychology organisations, particularly those dedicated to Psychological Science, grapple with a multitude of challenges within the ever-evolving discipline. These include limited resources, evolving regulations, technological advancements, globalisation complexities, and instability induced by crises, all of which pose significant barriers to organisations’ mission fulfilment. Addressing these obstacles necessitates the adoption of innovative, interdisciplinary methodologies aimed at bolstering organisational resilience and fostering collaborative endeavours. The panelists will engage in an in-depth examination of the prevailing climate confronting National Psychological Organisations, alongside strategies aimed at augmenting their effectiveness and sustainability. Drawing upon experiences and insights garnered from working within National Organisations, panelists will underscore lessons learned and the multifaceted challenges encountered, whilst also elucidating best-practice methodologies demonstrated within the purview of the International Union of Psychological Science. Key considerations to be explored include: strategic leadership and vision, resource management and optimisation, technological innovation and adaptability, advocacy and influence, global engagement and collaboration, the imperative of upholding ethical standards and decision-making processes in organisational activities as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Through collaborative discourse and knowledge dissemination, the panel aims to cultivate a reflective space on the future of National Psychological Organisations, whilst providing practical recommendations essential for navigating the intricate challenges inherent in these organisations.

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